Domaine des Perdrix of Burgundy Dinner Party

Meinuo Wine Cellar had hold a wine tasting dinner at the night of May 30.We are honored to be invited to the Manager of Domaine des Perdrix ,Mr. Cedric Ducote attend this dinner together and lead the distinguished guests to experience the elegance and delicate of Burgundy wine.

Dinner Scene

There are 5 fine wines were chosen by Meinuo General Manager Candy Cai.Including Domaine des Perdrix Vosne-Rommanee 2007. Domaine des Perdrix Les 8 ouvrees 2006 2007 2008. Domaine des Perdrix Echezeaux 2007 2008 2009

Goup Photo——Left Manager of Domain des Perdrix Mr.Cedric Ducote.Middle Meinuo manager Candy Cai. Right Meinuo Sales Manager Filipe.

Goup Photo——Left guest Mr.Wong.Right Meinuo manager Candy Cai.

Mr.Cedric Ducote shows us the charm of Domaine des Perdrix. Candy talking about the wonderful world of wine.

The scene atmosphere was active, the guests were propose to made a toast to each other.

Candy and Mr.Cedric Ducote during the dinner.

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