Meinuo Wine Cellar Warming Welcome to Join our Cooling Summer Wine Tasting

Meinuo Wine Cellar is invinting you to came here and share your passion for wine and refresh your summer.

In China, day by day, more man and women fall in love with the marvelous taste of wine, for the wine lovers, a tasting experience is an artistic way to live.

This summer Meinuo will take you into another art experience and at the same time refreshing your summer in a very pleasure way.

Meinuo Wine Cellar will organize in late June, a wine tasting weekend, where you can taste same refreshing wines and cool your summer:

White wine: very floral and refreshing. Most people choose white wine in the summer by instinct.
When you drink a white wine you are going to feel cooler and relaxed and happy after drinking it. You are going to experience a lingering fragrance of flowers and summer fruits.

Sparkling Wine : a glass of summer Ode to Joy. Sparkling wine is not only capable to bring an atmosphere of joy, but can also quench their thirst. Champagne Sparkling wine has white fruit flavors and a refreshing acidity that certainly is going to cool your summer.

Rose Wine : An explosion of fresh roses in Summer. Rose is a perfect wine to drink in hot temperatures. Rose in the summer heat feels exceptionally amiable. When you drink this wine your mouth rarely is going to feel disappointing.

Special Gallery

All the wine lovers are invited to visit the event. Meinuo Wine Cellar will provide for all the guests a comfortable date platform, as well a wine tasting learning space.

Date: The third Saturday of every month
Time: 3:00 pm-6: 00pm
Location: Nanshan District, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town in Portofino Xiangshan Street 1-30 Miele wine cellar
Inquiry and Reservation:0755-86260855 Miss peng

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