2014 Chengdu Rum came to a successful conclusion. Meinuo Wine Cellar obtained satisfactory results!

As the time go by, the 90th Spring Chengdu Rum had closed with a satisfactory conclusion.As an exhibitor in this Rum, Meinui Wine Cellar had shown kinds of French and Chile Wine with extreme flavor to everyone.
The wine we demonstrated this time are as follow:
French wine including Chateau Haut-Peyrillat, Chateau Puy Castera, Legende Bordeaux Barons de Rothschild(Lifite),Saga Bordeaux Rouge Barons de Rothschild(Lifite), Les Roseraises Cabernet.
Chile wine including Stong River Cabernet Sauvignon, Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon
Here is some memorable moments during the Rum:

Our booth

Our general manager Candy talking about wine with customers

Tasting wine with clients

Having a conversation with Mr.Ciamos, the manager of ALBERT BICHOT wine company

A group photo with Italian vintner

Candy shows the wine of Chateau Puy Castera

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