Portuguese Wine Tasting

On June 18th, 2014, a Portuguese wine tasting was holding at Meinuo Wine Cellar. Guests were tasting Quinta do Crasto 2012,Quinta do Mouro 2008, Quinta do Mouro Golden Label 2009 and Barros a Port Wine from Portugal.
Preparation of the dinner party
The wine tasting offered a platform to the guests make friends, communicate and improve, all of them were members of Meinuowine Club. Before the party, Candy Cai (middle one), the General Manager, was introducing the VIPs. They were the CEO of Shanshui Train Hotels (right) and Meinuo Wine Sales Manager Mr. Filipe Maia (left) . .
During the party, the guests were talking actively and lively.

Domaine des Perdrix of Burgundy Dinner Party

Meinuo Wine Cellar had hold a wine tasting dinner at the night of May 30.We are honored to be invited to the Manager of Domaine des Perdrix ,Mr. Cedric Ducote attend this dinner together and lead the distinguished guests to experience the elegance and delicate of Burgundy wine.

Dinner Scene

There are 5 fine wines were chosen by Meinuo General Manager Candy Cai.Including Domaine des Perdrix Vosne-Rommanee 2007. Domaine des Perdrix Les 8 ouvrees 2006 2007 2008. Domaine des Perdrix Echezeaux 2007 2008 2009

Goup Photo——Left Manager of Domain des Perdrix Mr.Cedric Ducote.Middle Meinuo manager Candy Cai. Right Meinuo Sales Manager Filipe.

Goup Photo——Left guest Mr.Wong.Right Meinuo manager Candy Cai.

Mr.Cedric Ducote shows us the charm of Domaine des Perdrix. Candy talking about the wonderful world of wine.

The scene atmosphere was active, the guests were propose to made a toast to each other.

Candy and Mr.Cedric Ducote during the dinner.

Meinuo Wine Cellar Warming Welcome to Join our Cooling Summer Wine Tasting

Meinuo Wine Cellar is invinting you to came here and share your passion for wine and refresh your summer.

In China, day by day, more man and women fall in love with the marvelous taste of wine, for the wine lovers, a tasting experience is an artistic way to live.

This summer Meinuo will take you into another art experience and at the same time refreshing your summer in a very pleasure way.

Meinuo Wine Cellar will organize in late June, a wine tasting weekend, where you can taste same refreshing wines and cool your summer:

White wine: very floral and refreshing. Most people choose white wine in the summer by instinct.
When you drink a white wine you are going to feel cooler and relaxed and happy after drinking it. You are going to experience a lingering fragrance of flowers and summer fruits.

Sparkling Wine : a glass of summer Ode to Joy. Sparkling wine is not only capable to bring an atmosphere of joy, but can also quench their thirst. Champagne Sparkling wine has white fruit flavors and a refreshing acidity that certainly is going to cool your summer.

Rose Wine : An explosion of fresh roses in Summer. Rose is a perfect wine to drink in hot temperatures. Rose in the summer heat feels exceptionally amiable. When you drink this wine your mouth rarely is going to feel disappointing.

Special Gallery

All the wine lovers are invited to visit the event. Meinuo Wine Cellar will provide for all the guests a comfortable date platform, as well a wine tasting learning space.

Date: The third Saturday of every month
Time: 3:00 pm-6: 00pm
Location: Nanshan District, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town in Portofino Xiangshan Street 1-30 Miele wine cellar
Inquiry and Reservation:0755-86260855 Miss peng

Make the Reservation Right Now!

2014 Chengdu Rum came to a successful conclusion. Meinuo Wine Cellar obtained satisfactory results!

As the time go by, the 90th Spring Chengdu Rum had closed with a satisfactory conclusion.As an exhibitor in this Rum, Meinui Wine Cellar had shown kinds of French and Chile Wine with extreme flavor to everyone.
The wine we demonstrated this time are as follow:
French wine including Chateau Haut-Peyrillat, Chateau Puy Castera, Legende Bordeaux Barons de Rothschild(Lifite),Saga Bordeaux Rouge Barons de Rothschild(Lifite), Les Roseraises Cabernet.
Chile wine including Stong River Cabernet Sauvignon, Los Vascos Cabernet Sauvignon
Here is some memorable moments during the Rum:

Our booth

Our general manager Candy talking about wine with customers

Tasting wine with clients

Having a conversation with Mr.Ciamos, the manager of ALBERT BICHOT wine company

A group photo with Italian vintner

Candy shows the wine of Chateau Puy Castera

Chengdu rum will be coming out in 2014, Meiuo Wine Cellar will spare no effort to beauty.

Starting in March 24, the 90th session of the National Sugar and Alcoholic Commodities Fair will be held in Chengdu. This is the first large exhibition held in Chengdu this year, but also the 25th Rum held in Chengdu. The number of international exhibitors and exhibition area create new high. By then, there will be nearly 3,000 exhibitors and more than ten million visitors from home and abroad more than 30 countries and regions meet at Chengdu, participate in the event.

During in 2013 Chengdu Rum, Hong Kong Meinuo Wine Cellar attend the fair with employees as well as three series of wines from France, Chile, Australia. Hong Kong Meinuo Wine Cellar spare no effort to seek long-term growth in the domestic wine market.

This year , Hong Kong Meinuo Wine Cellar will bring a variety of different series of wonderful wine from France, Chile etc. welcome all honored new and old customers come to enjoy it.

National rum
March 24-26,2014 (8:00 am-18: 00pm)
March 27, 2014 (8:00 am-15: 00pm)
Hong Kong Meinuo Wine Cellar booth: Booth B10,5th Floor,Kaibinsiji Hotel Chengdu,
Address:42,four period,Renming South Road,Wuhou,Chengdu


6月26日夜晚,美诺滙举办了一场精彩纷呈的西班牙葡萄酒品鉴晚宴,远道而来的西班牙赛斯酒庄的庄主Vidal de Saz先生、酿酒师Paco Granado先生、出口经理Carlos Diez Sanchez先生和多位贵宾一起在这个美好的夜晚领略来自异域的葡萄酒风情。



Great night at Meinuo Club with Special guest: the owner of Domaine des Perdrix

On 5th May  , a honoured guests visited Meinuo Club: the owner of  Domaine des Perdrix of  Burgundy in France-Miss Aurore Devillard. She had  spent a wonderful evening with several other Meinuo  VIP guests.

The dinner was held in  the beautiful French hall, with elegant western-style banquet. The owner and guests tasted a lot of  famous red wine of Domaine des Perdrix  : Nuita Saint Georges Premier Cru , Domaine des Perdrix  ;Les 8 Ouvrees Premier Cru,Domaine des Perdrix ; Echezeaux Grand Cru,Domaine des Perdrix  . Time pass by quickly with red wine and delicious food.

At the end of dinner, customer  were very satisfied with the wine, they decided to buy magnum bottle  of Les 8 Ouvrees Premier Cru,which kindly signed by our special guest Miss Aurore Devillard.

A great variety of Domaine des Perdrix wines and other wines are avaliable in our  Meinuo Cellar of Portofino.

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